The people of St. John's Episcopal Church welcome you!


It would be our pleasure to have you worship with us or join us for a special event. If you are new to our community, or already settled and looking for a church home, we invite you to come visit. Focused on worship, formation, and outreach, we are an active and vital community of faith.

Sunday Morning Schedule

10:00 am - Online worship via Zoom and Facebook Live



As constituent members of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Atlanta and the worldwide Anglican Communion, we are Christians in the tradition of believing that God - the Divine - is revealed to each of us in three different ways ('persons'): God the Father/Creator, God the Son/Redeemer and God the Holy Spirit/Sustainer. 


As such, our beliefs are 'Trinitarian' in nature.

Scripture, tradition and reason inform our thinking and practices. We believe that God still speaks to us through the Bible - that sacred collection of writings that includes the Old and New Testaments and the Aprocrypha. We call the Holy Scriptures the 'Word of God' because God inspired their human authors in the various times and contexts of their original writing. The tradition of the church throughout the ages informs our liturgical style of worship and interpretation of the scriptures. The God-given gift of reason, informed by the presence of God's Spirit at work in the midst of us, enables that interpretation and our decisions about any number of social issues in the world today.

As such, we are open to questions and life-long learning.

God is love and we are manifestations of that love. As such, we recognize each and every human being as being a beloved child of God and we welcome persons of all backgrounds, walks of life and faith traditions to join us on this journey to a greater understanding of who we are, whose we are and what we are asked to do in this world in which we live, move and have our being.

As such, we are welcoming and affirming of all God's people.

Join St. John's

All are welcome to join our congregation and to become members of this church and the larger Episcopal denomination.

If you are already an Episcopalian and your membership is with another parish, we will be glad to initiate a letter of transfer to that church, asking that your membership be moved to St. John's.

If you are a member of another church of a different denomination, and are interested in formally joining the Episcopal Church, we ask that candidates attend our "Inquirers Class" held in the spring and the fall. In four classes, each lasting about one hour, we discuss a variety of topics to familiarize candidates with our specific tradition. Twice a year, our Bishop presides at a service at the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta where he confirms/receives new members into the church.

If you wish to be baptized into the Christian community, our Priest in charge can preside over that sacrament during one of our Sunday worship services.

In any case, know that you are welcome. Please contact the clergy at the church office about any of the above options or send a message using the email option below.

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