Policies & Guidelines


The sacrament of Holy Baptism is the official 'entrance rite' into the Christian community. With its roots in the ancient church, baptism is open to infants, children and adults. For the younger ones, adults (sponsors or godparents) promise to raise the child in the Christian faith and life with confirmation of those promises made by the children when they are older. For adults, we profess to call Jesus Christ as our Lord and accept him as our Savior. At St. John's, baptisms are held during the regular Sunday services with prior arrangements having been made with the clergy. Once baptized, those persons are considered members of St. John's and the larger Episcopal Church. For more information or to ask about scheduling a baptism, please call the church office. A copy of the baptism information form can be downloaded by clicking here


Holy Matrimony is considered a sacrament in the Christian church. A 'sacrament' is defined as an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. Grace is defined as a free (unearned) gift from God. In marriage, the vows and rings exchanged between the two individuals are the 'outward and visible signs' with the commitment to live and support each other throughout their lives being the 'inward and spiritual grace.' At St. John's, we are open to marriages between opposite-sex and same-sex couples alike. A course of pre-marital preparation with the clergy is required of all couples. If either person has been previously married but is now divorced or widowed, special permission from our Bishop is required in order for the clergy to 're-marry' the individual. The clergy facilitates all these discussions and assists in the detailed planning of the service. Our Music Director is available to assist in planning and offering music during the service. For more information or to ask about scheduling a wedding, please call the church office.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Under the best of circumstances, we hope that the clergy and pastoral care team have been involved long before the actual death or a loved one. But when that loved one dies, please contact the church office as soon as possible so that proper arrangements can be made. Our clergy and staff are here to help you walk through the very difficult process of making those final arrangements either for a funeral (when the body is present) or for a memorial service (whether or not ashes [cremains] are present). We understand the difficulty and emotions of the time. Whether or not the deceased has been active at St. John's in recent years, if he/she was/is a member of this church, we stand ready to walk that part of the journey with the family and friends.  

General Building Use

St. John's is currently the host site for the Atlanta Unbound Academy, two weekday Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups, and an Anglican Ghanian worshiping congregation on Sunday afternoons. All other use of the facilities at St. John's is approved by the Priest in charge in consultation with the Vestry (lay governing board) of the church. Requests for use of the space for community meetings, concerts, receptions, non-member weddings, etc. must be approved in advance and any fees (if applicable) paid in full prior to the event. Please contact the church office for more information or to request the use of the space for an 'outside' event.