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Come "Celebrate Blue" at Michaelmas Oct 2!

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Dear Friends...
College Park’s public servants face the difficult tasks of being peacemakers, healers, protectors, and caregivers every day. In honor of the fine work they do for the benefit everyone in our city, we invite you and your neighbors to a community event: a special “blue celebration” of Michaelmas at St. John’s Episcopal Church to honor the work of all those “in blue” who keep us safe. 

What is Michaelmas? It’s a church holiday, just like Christmas, that tells the story of St. Michael The Archangel (and All Angels) who protect those serving their communities to bring God’s kingdom on earth. 

We invite you to join us to honor our neighbors at our 10:30 a.m. church service on Sunday, October 2, and then have a lunchtime picnic BBQ in Barrett Park, where our guests can enjoy some BBQ chicken, side dishes, and best of all, blackberry cobbler and ice cream, a traditional treat that St. Michael 
himself would be sure to enjoy!  Please join us! 

Spenser Simrill, Priest-In-Charge
St. John's Episcopal Church

Dear Colleagues...
Y’all know me as a colleague on the police force, but as your duly appointed “blue representative” for this event (I’ve been a member of St. John’s for nearly 10 years), I’m happy to clue you in on what it’s all about, so if y’all have any questions, feel free to give me a buzz.

I’ll say right now, on behalf of the police department, we plan to kick some butt when it comes to the games and contests we’re planning for the picnic...firemen, you will be CARRIED...EMTs and 911 callers, bring your STRECHERS...sanitation workers, prepare to be TOSSED! I hope y’all will form some teams so we can all have some fun. 

Here’s the scoop on the church service: since we’re all going right over to the park after church, come dressed in your everyday blue work clothes...no fancy uniform dress is required. Also, bring chairs and blankets for the picnic; all the food, drink, plates, utensils, and such will be supplied by the church. 
I hope you’ll join us, and if you’re on duty, feel free to drop by if you can. We’ll have members of our congregation as well as kids and their families from the CP Boys & Girls Club there...the more, the merrier! 

Lt. Bruce Braxton, 
College Park Police Dept. 

Dear Boys & Girls...
It isn’t every day that you get a chance to come to a real-live PICNIC! We’re having one after church on Oct 2 and I hope your family will be able to come.

We’ll have real good picnic food that includes BBQ chicken, but the best part is the BLACKBERRY COBBLER that will taste just wonderful...I’m using my grand-momma’s secret recipe to make it and I‘ll put a scoop of ice cream on it just for you!

We’re also going to invite some folks to the picnic we want you to meet and get to know. There will be a lot of fun games we’ll all be able to play together, including a raw egg toss that will be a really funny thing to watch and play! WATCH OUT! 

We know your families all want you to live in a neighborhood where everyone can be friends, and we hope that by getting everyone to know their neighbors, we can all learn from each other and be good neighbors to each other.

I’m looking forward to seeing you and your families on October 2...be sure to bring your picnic blanket to sit on, I’ll handle the rest! 

Barbara McKee, Founder
LIFT Community Development



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