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Cinema Cafe: Casablanca

Please join us in Bott Hall on Saturday, September 20th, 
as Cinema Cafe presents Casablanca!

 The classic and much-loved romantic melodrama Casablanca (1942), always found on top-ten lists of films, is a masterful tale of two men vying for the same woman's love in a love triangle. The story of political and romantic espionage is set against the backdrop of the wartime conflict between democracy and totalitarianism. 

The date given for the film is often given as either 1942 and 1943. That is because its limited premiere was in 1942, but the film did not play nationally, or in Los Angeles, until 1943.

With rich and smoky atmosphere, anti-Nazi propaganda, Max Steiner's superb musical score, suspense, unforgettable characters (supposedly 34 nationalities are included in its cast) and memorable lines of dialogue (e.g., "Here's lookin' at you, kid," and the inaccurately-quoted "Play it again, Sam"), it is one of the most popular, magical films of all time - focused on the themes of lost love, honor and duty, self-sacrifice and romance within a chaotic world. (source: filmsite.org)

We'll start the evening with a special supper at 6:00 p.m. (cost: $5.00) followed by a sing-along of songs from the movie. Then, the FREE movie with FREE popcorn starts at 7:00 p.m. 

You do not have to attend the dinner to see the movie...all are welcome.... and the popcorn is STILL FREE!  Please join us!