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St. Jack's Festive Holidays

On December 9, Frank and Philip hosted the 2nd Annual St. Jacks’ Christmas Party. The club was founded as a social organization to strengthen and welcome gay men into the Episcopal Church. In their socialization they take on projects that benefit the congregation: From painting the Horseshoe Entrance Hall to putting down red carpet in the halls and sanctuary. They work in the planting beds and assist in the decorating of the church for Easter and Christmas. You will find them participating in many of the organizations in the church from Christmas gifts for Emmaus House to singing in the choir and serving at the altar. This year St. Johns was asked to lead in the diocesan Gay Pride Project and will lead it next year. 

The party was a big success. The house was a winter wonderland. The guests brought food that was far from bland with exciting and new dishes. There was a fabulous Pate, a tasty rice casserole, a scrumptious Brussels Spout dish, pecan pies and a great brown sugar pound cake. Fr. Troy blessed the feast and reminded everyone that not everyone has such a bounty. The wine poured freely and the spirit of the Holiday was boundless. Many of the members shared Christmas stories and tales from their past. Some were poignant; some too funny (Tim’s rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas). The guests were reluctant to leave and the hosts were sad to see them go. The members looked forward to new projects in 2013 and the inclusion of new members.