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Resolution Revolution

Every year it is the same old thing. I make promises to myself that I will not keep. Lose weight, exercise, watch my spending, be generous with my time, stop complaining, learn something new are but a few of the many things I want to change or do. I start out o.k. but in a few weeks I am settled back in my old ways. Within a month or two my resolutions are but faded memories. 

This year I am going to try something totally different. I am going to live one day at a time. I am going to try to limit my imagination to making the best of everyday. A recent battle with my body has reminded me that everyday that I wake up and live is a miracle. If (and I say if) I can focus on one day I might be able to succeed. I will begin the day with prayer. I have learned not to pray for myself. I learned this from the Benedictines. I ask others to pray for me, instead. I pray for those I know and for the stranger I do not know that God will bring Peace and Mercy. I will think of the tasks before me and try to accomplish what I can do each day. At the end of the day I will give thanks to God and consider my day well spent. I will not struggle to change the world but only myself in the world. I will be patient. I will be kind. Not everyday will be a perfect day but everyday will be lived to its fullest. This is my revolution.

How many days do we waste trying to change others. It always leads to frustration and in many cases anger. Expressing concern or opinions is important but butting your head against a brick wall is foolish. Let my life become an example for others to see and appreciate, hopefully. Well January begins my new program and I am sure our paths will cross. Wish me well on my new adventure and I wish you Joy and Peace in the new Year.

---- Philip Maniscalco