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From The Bishop

Bishop Wright 
Asks Diocese To 
Voice Concerns About Gun Violence 

People attending worship services at churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta will be given the opportunity to sign a petition against gun violence. Bishop Rob Wright sent a letter to clergy and parishes in December with a petition and signature form attached. The petition reads, “The killing of the Holy Innocents’ of Newtown, Conn., has moved our nation and our state to tears. Now it must move us to action. As followers of the Prince of Peace, we must confront our nation’s addiction to violence and guns.

We therefore call upon our elected leaders to move immediately to enact significant gun control that honors liberty but establishes new protections for the citizens of our nation. We believe both goals can be achieved. We pledge our support and our prayers to help make this happen.”

Copies of signed petition will be returned to the Diocesan Office. Bishop Wright will then announce how the petitions are to be distributed to national and state leaders.