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Annual Meeting: Vestry Election

The Vestry Nominating Committee, being duly constituted according to the bylaws of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Inc., has announced the following candidates for the 2013 Vestry. 

Those wishing to nominate themselves or others to stand for election may do so from the floor during the Annual Parish Meeting, January 13, 2013. 

To be eligible to stand for election, one must one must be a confirmed member of the parish and at least 18 years old, have been regular in attendance for the previous year, and have made and maintained a financial commitment to the parish, known to the treasurer, for the last year. 

We thank all candidates for their service! 

Respectfully submitted, 

David Houser & Jane Holloman, Vestry Nominating Committee 

Candidate Profiles 

Daniel Alston: Daniel Alston was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He and his family were raised Catholic on the South Side of Chicago, and these lessons helped guide Daniel to college, and ultimately to marriage and fatherhood. He moved to Detroit, MI, in 1992, where his wife Maria was born and raised Catholic also. They married in 1994. Detroit was also the birthplace of their two children; Daniel Patrick in 1997 and Jillian in 2001. The entire family moved to Bloomington, Il in 2003, where they joined the Episcopal Church at Christ The King.

After living in Bloomington, Il. for 6 years, the Alston family relocated to metro Atlanta in 2009, for work. Having attended the Episcopal Church in Bloomington, the Alston family wanted to continue the traditions learned, and worship in an environment of inclusion and spiritual passion. They joined St. John's in late 2010.

Currently, Daniel works for Mondelez International (formally Kraft Foods) at the Atlanta Bakery, in the HR department. Prior to manufacturing training and performance consulting, Daniel had been a state social worker, youth counselor, and diversity trainer.

Karen Davis: Out on a date one lovely September evening in 2011, Karen Davis and her husband of 20 years attended a “Faith and Film” event at the Episcopal Church of St. John. Karen fell in love that night (with St. John’s … she was already in love with her husband!) and has been here ever since, becoming a member in 2012. She has participated in the Inquirers’ classes, change-ringing and choir, and recently in the formation of the St. John’s women’s ministry Mary & Martha’s Guild.

Over the past 25 years of active service in multiple church bodies, Karen has served in ministries that have supported new members, women, and performing arts of dance and drama. Currently pursuing a graduate certificate in spiritual direction through North Park Theological Seminary, she trusts that her training will help her grow as an attentive listener, develop her gifts of encouragement and compassion, and enable her to be a vessel of inter- and intra-personal healing at home, in her community, and within the fabulous St. John’s family.

Editor’s Note: Both Karen and Daniel were elected by acclamation; no nominations were made from the floor.