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Annual Meeting: Sr. Warden Report

The year 2012 was a busy and sometimes challenging year for all of us. But the good news is that the Vestry has worked diligently to discern God’s will for our church and we have all worked hard implementing our ministries. 

We have many things to celebrate from this past year: 
  • Our charter school – The Main Street Academy – remains a vital part of our life and the energy and enthusiasm of several hundred children in our halls creates a wonderful environment for us. 
  • Our music program, under Tom Elston’s leadership, continues to delight us on Sundays, and on special occasions such as the All Souls Mass. The addition of our four Section Leaders has helped our choir evolve to an amazing group of vocalists. The wonderful Bell Ringers add another terrific dimension. 
  • The Bargain Shop continues its wonderful work and serves many in our congregation and our community. 
  • “Wednesday Night” has been expanded to include dinner, Bible Study, evening worship, play writing, and other independent studies. It’s a full evening and we all grow from it. 
  • Our new web site was launched in June. Hooray! Developed and maintained by Tom Elston…..he has the very tough job of helping all of us learn to use it. 
  • Our redesigned Newsletter is available on line, or can be mailed to your home. Again, many thanks to Tom Elston for making this happen. 
  • During the Easter, Advent, and Christmas Seasons, our church was beautifully decorated. This is a tremendous amount of work and we owe thanks to many people, but especially to Frank Harrell and Philip Maniscalco. 
  • The Speeders program remains alive and well under Jane Randolph’s leadership. 
  • Mardi Gras and our Anniversary Dinner were both great successes. A tremendous amount of work under the leadership of Frank Harrell and Philip Maniscalco…..and brilliantly implemented by our Kitchen volunteers. 
  • We provide food and fellowship at Holy Comforter three times each year….feeding roughly 100 people from that community each time we visit. 
  • Christmas Toys for Emmaus House was a tremendous success again under the leadership of Tim Bacon and Bo Wadell. 
  • Bishop Whitmore has led several leadership workshops for our Vestry, staff, and committee chairs. This program will continue into 2013.. 
  • Blessing of the Animals, barbeque sale, Chili Cook Off, Yard Sale……were all Fall events that expanded our visibility in the community, encouraged fellowship, and made a little money at the same time! 
  • Our Visitor’s program is in place under the leadership of Pat Roberts and Daniel Alston. We’re welcoming our visitors and following up with them in the hope of developing new members. It’s working. 
  • We held a number of dinners at Fr. Troy’s house during the Spring and Summer to help members of the parish get to know each other better. They were wonderful, and our people understand each other so much better as a result. 
  • We have beautiful new Chapels on either side of the Sanctuary as you enter. They are the work of many volunteers from the Gay Men’s Fellowship. 
  • We have a newly designed Wedding Program ready to roll under Karen Davis’ leadership. We have established a relationship with the College Park Women’s Club to jointly advertise our church and its availability. 
  • Our food program is in place under Daniel Alston’s leadership. We’ve provided emergency rations to many homeless people, and are ready to being distribution of food bags to needy people/families. 
These are just a few of the many things we’ve worked on this year…..the total list is much longer. People often comment that we’re a small church with a big heart. That’s true.

And our “big heart” is committed to the success of St. John’s ministries. We’re not alone…. God is always with us.

David Houser, Senior Warden