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Annual Meeting: Parish Life Report

Parish Life is the stuff we do as a congregation with each other and of friends. Mostly we do it for fun but sometimes we do it to raise money for special projects. There were four main events this year: 

Mardi Gras Dinner and Show – This is the party we give ourselves to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, the night before Ash Wednesday and the time of Lent. Because the School used Bott Hall all week, making it hard to mount a major event on a week night, we have staged our celebration on Saturday night. For the last couple of years we have had “the Songbird of the South” Miss Tommy Macon as out entertainment and we hope to do so again this year. This is our most successful fund raiser of the year. Last year we raised over $2,000.00 and it will be here again soon. In fact it will be Saturday night February 9th. Please plan to attend! It is fun for all! Laissez les bon Temps Roulez! 

College Park Yard Sale & Barbeque Lunch – This is our first Fall fundraiser and we did very well this year. With many of our members bringing in yard sale items we were able to set up a lot of tables and sell a lot of stuff. Members of the St. Jack’s Club did most of the selling and we thank them for their help. On the same day Tom Elston drove all over the area leaving tickets for free Iced Tea at the Church, and it really, really worked! Maybe for the first time ever the kitchen staff (Daniel, Linda, Janet, Reuben, Corley and others) SOLD OUT!! Can you believe that!

Fall Festival & Animal Blessing (w/ Chili Cook Off) – This traditional Fall event at St. John was a hit again this year. With the Bake Sale and the Chili Cook Off selling you everything you didn’t need to eat and the “Bouncy House” creating fun for the kids (young & Old) everyone had Fun, Fun, Fun! As usual the Animal Blessing was loved by everyone. Fr. Troy blessed every animal that showed up dragging its master behind!

Anniversary Dinner & Show – This event (becoming known for BAD ENTERTAINMENT) was none-the-less a big success. With the much appreciated help of the Bargain Shop who used it for their annual Thank You Dinner we were able to add even more to the special projects fund.

2013 should see these and other events again. Also we will actually buy some of the things we have been raising money for! Ain’t we havin fun!

Frank Harrell, Chair