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Annual Meeting: Newcomers Report

We have made good progress with having a standard procedure for follow-up with Newcomers/Visitors. 

During 2012, we had a Welcome Gift Bag with gift items (a travel mug and ball point pen each imprinted with St. John’s name) and several informational pieces that were distributed to visitors. We have a memo and a letter from Fr. Troy. An overview of the church is provided, along with the church mission statement. 

The gift bag in 2013 will contain the same written information but the gift items will be a key ring/flashlight combination, again imprinted with St. John’s name and the ball-point pen. 

We produced a new Visitor Information form to be placed in the pew holders. The new form is colorful, informational, and contains a tear-off piece for the visitor to take with them which contains the weekly service schedule. 

We have standard letters that are mailed to any visitor who leaves their name and address information on a visitor form. The letter is from Fr. Troy and is mailed within a week of receipt of the name/address information. 

Three Newcomer Dinners were held this past summer at Fr. Troy’s house and Newcomers from past year were invited to share in a dinner and evening of fellowship. These dinners provided a wonderful opportunity to get to know the newcomers better and for them to have an opportunity to get to know Fr. Troy and a couple of Vestry members, as well as fellow newcomers. Everyone always expresses great appreciation for the dinners and the fellowship opportunities. 

We have had several newcomers become members over the past year, and they have become very involved with church activities, taking leadership roles. We even have one running for the Vestry. 

We plan to continue to be very involved with any visitor/newcomer and inform them of opportunities for involvement within our church. 

Pat Roberts, Chair