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Annual Meeting: Building & Grounds Report

There have been a number of projects both inside and outside the building this year. Some maintained our status quo and others advanced the look and feel of the facility.

Buildings: In 2012, we completed the St. Jack’s Club project of redecorating the “Red” Administration lobby on the first floor. The last move included rearranging and adding some furniture and most importantly the addition of the “Cele-bration Wall” featuring pictures of people and events taking place at St. John’s. Be sure to drop by from time-to-time to see what new pictures have been added. Thanks to the men of St. Jack’s Club for undertaking and paying for this project. – A job well done!  Thank you guys.

Earlier in the fall Mi-chael Henderson com-pleted the relocation of the roof drainage system on the education building. This hard work resulted in freeing up the space between the building and the prop-erty line, making it more useable and a much safer evacuation route in case of emer-gency. Michael under-took this project on his own and provided the labor at no cost to the church. A job well done!  Thank you Mike.

After several years of raising money for spe-cial projects most of the ones that have been discussed are now underway. The Baptismal Chapel and the Prayer Chapel both located at the rear of the Nave just inside from the Narthex are completed. Both of the areas, defined as they are with matching oriental rugs, provide intimate space for contemplation and prayer and places the baptismal near the entrance as prescribed by the cannons of the Church. Additionally the relocation of the baptismal font freed up the center aisle for all processions, including weddings. As part of the cabinetry work involved, a place is also being made for the relocation of the sound system controls to the back of the church for better results. Controls for the lights might eventually be moved to this area as well.

As to the sound system itself, that has been an uphill battle but one that I believe is now near the winning. We have established what new speakers are needed and where they should be located and what other equipment or relocation of equip-ment is needed to build a state of the art sound system for St. John’s and we spoken with two contractors about the actual installation.

Speaking of lighting; we have been talking with two manufacturers who will sell directly to the church (as a non-profit) about what we can do to substantially upgrade the light level in the main church. Many of us know that it is hard to see the hymn books in some areas, let alone read it, and the choir is well aware that half of them are sitting in the dark and the other half in a flood light. There are both expensive improvements and inexpensive improvements. We hope to start of the in-expensive work as soon as possible

The big expense this year has been the al-most constant repair to the HVAC system in the education building. This two-year old system, though well designed by a major international supplier was the first of its kind in the United States and the first Fujitsu system installed by Peachtree Air Condi-tioning (now Service Experts). According to the Fujitsu representa-tive, there was a falling out between the two companies while our system was being in-stalled. The result is that we have only a limited parts warranty from Fujitsu and no la-bor warranty form Ser-vice Experts. After a couple of outrageously expensive service calls by Service Experts it was decided to go with another service con-tractor for our work. Though expensive, we believe we are getting good work at good prices from Hayes Heating and Air. Unfortunately even though we have replaced a number of non-Fujitsu parts originally used in the installation and rebuilt much of the installation work itself, there probably is still more work and expense ahead of us.

As many of you may know we have suffered a couple of robberies resulting in an insur-ance claim. As a result our insurance provider has insisted that we make security up-grades. These include expansion of our elec-tronic alarm system and the removal of the existing push button entrance locks. Proba-bly there will be only one coded entrance and that will be the administration en-trance off the horse-shoe parking lot. The upside of this demand is that the insurance company will pay for most or all of the work. We are getting prices now and this work will probably be done soon.

Grounds: The first thank you notice when you drive up to our beautiful Neo-Gothic building is that the landscaping has been replaced in front of the main church building. The new plantings were designed by Bo Waddell and Tim Bacon and they did all the work to make the transformation take place. For the first time in several years that the front yard looks great—A job well done!  Thank you, Bo and Tim!

The big outstanding project outside the building is the parking lots. Though not yet in bad shape they really do need to be sealed against further damage and I think we can all agree that they need to be re-striped. 

Another grounds pro-ject is the flood lighting of the front edifice of the Church and the bell tower. Adding both beauty and security we hope to pay for this project with a grant.

Conclusions: The main Church building was built in 1957 and the education building in 1962. For the older crowd like myself, that doesn’t seem very long ago. In truth we also know that, when you get to be 57 years old, you often need work and St. John needs a facelift. It doesn’t take close inspection to see that almost the entire interior needs to be painted and the floor tile needs to be re-placed in both the Church and in Bott Hall. Look around; you will find tile missing or coming up all over the place and it contains asbestos. Also, the carpet in most of the education building is in rags and could be a trip hazard. We will need to help our old place into the future and soon. 

Oh, for just a little real cash to get ahead of the curve on maintenance!

Frank Harrell