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Annual Meeting: Bargain Shop Report

The Bargain Shop has finished another suc-cessful year as our fi-nancial statement be-low indicates. We pro-vided free clothing for 380 persons (plus 42 repeat requests) at a value of $4,265. This was accomplished with our wonderful volun-teers, many of whom work overtime.

Thanks to M.E. King for keeping us staffed, to Will Manders for keep-ing our books, to Louise Cassell for being our “book lady,” and a special thanks to Carol Kadidlo who, as one of the original volunteers, continues to work eve-ry week.

Nearly $50,000 in reve-nue, minus approxi-mately $24,000 in ex-penses left $24,000 in donations to worthy causes.

We’ve had a few bumps during the year but survived with God’s help. As we used to say: Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Jane Holloman