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Words From The Pew

From the moment I stepped foot inside St. John’s, I knew my life would never again be the same.  I have now been attending regularly for two months and looking back on my first impression… I can tell you, I was right! Never have I experienced such warmth and genuine love abounding from people in such a majestic way. I was and continue to be welcomed with open minds, hearts, and arms each time I step foot inside the door. St. John’s has come to symbolize all that I’ve always thought a church was supposed to be.  Father Troy is simply awe inspiring. Few people I’ve met have the passion for helping people which he possesses. However, St. John’s is more than just one man. 

Each member of the congregation that I’ve had to pleasure of getting to know plays an integral role in the life here at St. John’s. We all have a story to tell, and we each want to be heard. It’s been an honor for me to be able to come be a part of this wonderful and courageous congregation! Love flows freely here from heart to heart, and from handshake to hug. I cannot imagine my life now without St. John’s, Father Troy, and the people of the congregation! 

Prior to attending St. John’s, my life was full… or at least I thought it was. However, once I crossed the threshold into this lovely and beautiful world I realized just how empty my life really was. The color, grace, beauty, and love of God’s people filled my heart, mind and soul with such an overwhelming sense of fulfillment that I still continue to cry throughout every service. I’ve always been emotional; however, there is a difference between being in tune with ones emotions, and being filled with the love of God! And here, at St. John’s, that’s exactly what I’ve found! His love, His adoration, and His never-ending grace for little… tiny… simple… me. 

---Jack Ussery