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Mardi Gras Dinner A Success!

The good times rolled the weekend before Ash Wednesday when a coterie of partiers congregated in Bott Hall for a sumptuous feast. 

Attendees dined on French-inspired cuisine and enjoyed a FANTASTIC salad bar second to none. The evening was capped off by the appearance of a musical act that, in a change of pace, did a WONDERFUL job entertaining guests.

In addition to the fellowship experienced by the assembled krewe, the Mardi Gras event managed to raise nearly $500 for the church’s annual fund. Bravo!

Many thanks to Frank Harrell, the Grand Poo-Bah of Party Promotion, Daniel Hudson, Le Maitre de la Cuisine, and their teams of setter-uppers, preparers, cookers, cleaner-uppers, and tearer-downers who made the entire affaire de plaisir one to remember. Merci beaucoup à tous!