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News On The Newswire

The St. John’s News-wire is an email list-serve that anyone can use to send email mes-sages to our communi-ty of over 120 subscrib-ers. 
What is a list serve, you might ask? Here’s a brief primer….

A list-serve is like a loudspeaker system in a building (such as a school). Instead of an audio message, the list-serve broadcasts an email message to everyone who subscribes to the list-serve.

In other words, you send one email mes-sage in to the list-serve, and it sends out (in our case 120+) email messages to its subscribers.

We call the list-serve the St. John’s Newswire because it works like an old AP or UPI newswire…it is the vehicle we use to broadcast timely news.

If you have email “stage fright” about sending messages out to that many people, don’t worry. All messages on the newswire (list-serve) are moderated, that is, they are reviewed at the church office before they go out to subscribers. That way, if you make a boo-boo or would like some help with “prettying-up” your message, your trusty moderator(s) will help you to save face and ensure the accuracy of your message.

Our parish NEEDS YOU to start communicating more about the things going on — meetings, projects, volunteer op-portunities, and an-nouncements — and we encourage you to start using the news-wire so that you can speak directly to your fellow parishioners about your news.

If you are not a sub-scriber to the St. John’s Newswire and would like to start receiving newswire emails, please go to the web-site and use the Con-tact Us page to request that you be put on the list. You will be con-tacted and otherwise set up to receive mes-sages.

If you do not have or use email but do occa-sionally surf the Web, you can see the news-wire message list on the website Dashboard, where they can be read by anyone who goes to the page whether they subscribe or not.

For more information on the newswire/list-serve, contact Tom El-ston and he will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

And by the way, if you are part of a special group, such as the Gay Men’s Fellowship or the Sacritan’s Team, a list-serve can be set up specifically for your group members to communicate and rec-ord your conversations.

Hope to hear from, that is, read email from you soon!