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Approved Vestry Minutes

In attendance: Daniel Alston, Reuben Bostic, Karen Davis, Carl Franzman, Frank Harrell, Ed Pierce, Pat Roberts 

Karen Davis opened the meeting with prayer at 6:02 p.m. 


August financials were reviewed in detail. Pledge offerings were at 94.5% of budget which was the best month for pledges in quite some time. For the year, pledges are running at about 85.5% of the budgeted amount. Plate offerings were off slightly although those numbers were improved over the last few months as well. 

The loan from the Bargain Shop ($2,800.00) that helped to pay for Bott Hall improvements will be paid back in monthly installments of $700.00 thru the end of the year.

We are waiting for the promissory note from the Diocese. Once that is received the Vestry will authorize payments based on how our financials look. The goal will be to pay off the balance no later than the end of 2014.

Discussion about collection counters. Discussion about when deposits are made each week and if there is a way to insure deposits are being made as soon as possible. Discussion about looking into having the safe in the treasurer's office "cracked" so that we can make use of the safe again.


The Minutes from the August 3, 2013 meeting were reviewed. Motion to approve, motion seconded and approved.


Frank provided the following update/summary.

Paige Jones is still providing for maintenance of the Memorial Garden. We thought this may have been stopped but apparently will continue.

Frank indicated that David Hansen seems to be doing well in his new role. He has established a relationship with TMSA and there is a lot for him to do.

The air conditioning continues to be an ongoing issue. The primary issue that the system was installed improperly and that is now causing ongoing maintenance problems. Possible long term solutions were discussed and it was indicated that completely reinstalling the system would be the only true fix. 

We have a new pest control service – Bug Busters. Frank indicated that insects have been a real problem lately. The hope is that Bug Busters can address this problem, however, it was pointed out that the root cause seems to be keeping Bott Hall clean during the week and food/cookies/crackers, etc in the school building. We will reach out to TMSA and ask for their assistance in addressing this. 

Discussion about door/locks/alarms. We are thinking we may change the code to the doors and changing the locks on some of the doors by replacing the key pad with a key lock. This would only be done on the doors that don't get high usage during the week. There was discussion about putting motion detectors in the "Red Lobby" which would be on a timed delay so if someone entered the school building they'd have to disengage the alarm before being able to proceed into the building. 

Frank will make a proposal regarding this at the next meeting. 


Stewardship – discussion about making plans for what we are going to do for a campaign this fall. The third quarter pledge reports will go out the first part of October. We'll want to include a summary in that letter.

The HCPNA Festival was discussed. It looks like we have everything we need for our booth at the Festival.

The HCPNA Yard Sale was discussed. It is scheduled for October 12. The Church will "get on the map" and offer to parishioners the opportunity to bring their own items and have their own yard sale. We'll ask that they donate 10% of their proceeds to the Church. Also, as far as a BBQ sale is concerned, we'll let the kitchen crew decide what, if anything they want to do and any funds they raise they can keep. The church will not front any of the expenses.

Other fall event dates were confirmed:
  • The Bishop visits on October 6th 
  • The next Cinema Café is October 18th 
  • All Saints Mass is November 2nd. 
  • Anniversary Dinner is November 9th. 
Discussion about the signs that have recently been put up in the vestment area. Karen will discuss this further with Tom Elston and review his concerns.

Discussion regarding Father Simrill and his possible role as a Priest in Charge for St. John's. An email has been sent to him asking him to define the scope of what he can provide to St. John's and what kind of salary he would be looking at for that commitment. The plan as of now is to meet with him after church on 9/29/13. Discussion about points we'll want to address as far as what our expectations are for the Priest in Charge.

Discussion about Airport Chaplaincy position that Canon Callaway had discussed with the Vestry previously. Discussion about contacting the Bargain Shop to see if this is a ministry they might be interested in supporting. If the Bargain Shop is interested the next step would be to contact this person and see if a meeting can be arranged whereby a presentation could be made describing the scope and nature of the position that St. John's has been asked to help support.


Motion to adjourn, motion seconded and passed. The meeting adjourned at 8:52 p.m.