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Vestry Minutes (August 3, 2013)


Father Troy,  Carl Franzman, Frank Harrell, Ed Pierce,  Pat Roberts, Daniel Alston, Reuben Bostic, Karen Davis: 

Father Troy opened the meeting with prayer at 9:58 a.m. 


Motion to approve the June 24, 2013 Minutes.  Motion seconded and approved subject to fixing typos contained within them. 


Father Troy announced that he has agreed to take a position with the St. John the Evangelist Monastery.   He will be reporting on September 2, 2013.   


June  Financials were discussed in detail.  

 Discussion regarding the Choral Singers Stipend.  We determined that continuing to pay the choral singers a total stipend of $300 per singer  per month for the period Sept-December.  The Budget will be amended to reflect this. Discussion regarding the fact that the Choral Stipend program commitment runs thru June of 2014.  It was explained that when the 2014 Budget is created in December, that we will have to account for the Stipend thru June 2014.  .  

Discussion about time off for Choral Singers.  It was agreed that they would get 4 Sundays off since there are 4 months with 5 Sundays.  They would also have 4 rehearsals off.  

Pat will get with Tom and let him know.  

Motion to approve the above, seconded and passed.  

Discussion about the Sexton position.  It was agreed that David Hanson will start on Monday August 12 in an expanded role that would include duties addressing building needs that arise from the school.  David will work a total of 20 hours a week at a rate of $12.00 per hour..  He will also supervise the work that John Brady does.   His weekly schedule will be determined.  

Motion to approve the above, Motion seconded and passed.  

The revised 2013 budget was reviewed and discussed in detail.  A Motion to approve the revised budget was made.   Motion seconded and passed.  


Discussion about an area at the front of the church where the bricks are sinking.  Will have to get the landscaper to look at filling the hole and then replacing the brick.

Discussion about the flooding in the playground.  The landscaper wants to add some curbing to address this.  Frank will meet with them to see what possible solutions are.  

Frank believes the air conditioner is operational.  Discussed issues with the way the system was installed.  It was installed incorrectly.  

Ceiling tiles have been replaced.

Bott Hall - The schools materials will be brought out of storage.  We will take our furniture out of Bott Hall and into storage.  

Question about storage space in the basement.  Daniel was planning to use that space for the food pantry.  Need to contact TMSA about their use of this space for storage.  

The room with the sliding doors has a pad lock on it.  The key is in the lockbox near the kitchen.  

Discussion about putting a lock on the new refrigerator.  Frank thought Daniel was going to do that.  

East Point Lock and Key.  We’ll need to get with them so we can get a new lock on the Parlor.

Water fountain in the hall near Troy’s office is being repaired.  Hopefully will be fixed in the nest few weeks.

Donations from Bena Sue Livsey’s were discussed.  Frank would like to move the Rector pictures to the Chapel Hall and to purchase console tables with a memorial plaque.   We will confirm how much has actually been donated.  Frank will investigate prices and report back to the Vestry.  

Still no quote on putting outdoor lighting.  


Discussion about staff.  In light of recent events this will be reviewed in greater detail at the next Vestry meeting.  
The Stewardship brochure is not finished.    Need cover letter from Troy and will get the brochure out in the mail.
HCPNA Fall Festival is the 28th of September.  We will plan to have a booth at the festival.  

We have not seen if HCPNA will have the yard sale again.  Discussion about just having a BBQ sale and not actually having a yard sale.  We would make space available for anyone who wants to use the Church’s front yard for a yardsale.  

Other fall events - The Anniversary dinner was discussed.  Frank will look to head that up again.  Discussion about a November date again.  

Food Pantry update: Daniel gave out food in June to 11 or 12 families.  Distributed to families in College Park.   Daniel is going to plan to distribute food again later this month.  The goal is to deliver food on a monthly basis.  Daniel has discussed with the Atlanta Food Bank a long range plan for food distribution.  Daniel is going to reach out to St. Timothy to get some ideas for implementing a program.  

Karen provided an update on Cinema Café - The movie was the Life of Pi.  Looking to have another movie later in August - Friday August 23.  The plan is to have an anti-bullying type movie.  After the August movie will revisit whether to continue into the fall.  Last month there were 17 people in attendance.  

Ed gave an update on the Alarm System.   There is a new law that the alarm company must call two numbers before calling the police.  Discussion about false alarms.   Discussion about TMSA’s alarm system being disarmed.  Plan is to set a policy regarding them using the alarm system.  We will let the school know that a panic bar will need to be added to the playground door.  We will need to pay for it.  We will consider a letter to the school about not putting a brick in the door to reception area.  We will also send them a letter asking them to make sure to arm their system.   No unaccompanied children back and forth in the playground.  

Motion to Adjourn, motion seconded and passed.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.