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Latest Approved Vestry Minutes (June 24, 2013)

Father Troy, Karen Davis, Carl Franzman, Frank Harrell, Ed Pierce, Absent Pat Roberts, Daniel Alston, Reuben Bostic.

Father Troy opened the meeting with prayer at 6:22 p.m. 

Motion to approve the May Minutes. Motion seconded and approved subject to fixing typos contained within them. 


Finance Committee:
  • May Financials were discussed in detail. 
  • The revised 2013 Budget was presented and discussed. The Vestry will vote to approve the Budget at the next meeting. 
  • The TMSA Lease document was reviewed and discussed. Motion was made to approve the Lease, motion seconded and passed. 
  • Diocesan Pride Account: The new account was opened and $2,510.00 was deposited. Expenses have been $2,630.00 and the additional $120.00 was money the Church spent on stamps which is reimbursable. Fr Troy will get with Cece and David to discuss how to invoice from an accounting standpoint. 
  • A school task force has been created and includes Richard Phlegger, Janet Standen, Jane Randolph, Linda Cage and Daniel Hudson. They will begin investigating the feasibility of a future school. 
  • Choral Scholars - Starting in September the choral members will sign in for church and practice in order to be paid. We will continue to look for a tenor. 
  • Choir Robes - We are waiting on the police to add an addendum to our report as we add to the list of items stolen. This money will be used for this purpose. 
  • Fr Troy updated the Vestry on the health status of several parishioners.
  • Discussion and presentation of flyer to be included in the mid year mailing of giving statements. 
  • Building & Grounds: 
    • Discussion about upcoming projects including tiling the floor. That  will be the next project. Discussion about soft drink dispenser and that in the long run this will save the church money. 
    • Discussion about finishing the carpeting in the Bell Tower. 
  • Discussion about the HCPNA Fall Festival and Yard Sale. 
  • Discussion about Cinema Café - Last month was slightly behind in revenues v. expenses. This month will be Life of Pi. 
  • Karen is handing off her responsibilities on the wedding committee. 

Motion to adjourn 8:10 p.m.