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From The Rector: July 07

The gospel last week tells of how the disciples desire to call down a divine firestorm upon a Samaritan town when the people failed to recognize the self-perceived importance of the disciples, and Jesus rebukes them and tells them again that the path to the resurrection first goes through the grave. Power over others is not a sign of the kingdom of God. This week the gospel tells of Jesus sending out the disciples, who marvel at the power they have in the name of Jesus. The reply of Jesus is that the power of violence, the power to compel others, is losing its transcendence. The human family tends to divinize violence against their enemies as god-commanded violence. Jesus, however, has come to expose the lie about supposedly "sacred violence”. Jesus declares that the source of violence and the power to compel is not from God the Creator, his heavenly Father, and so violence and expressions of power over others loses its transcendence for us. Jesus exposes it as satanic violence, not sacred violence. It falls from heaven like lightning.