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From The Rector: July 21

In today’s gospel, we see the courageous self-offering of Martha to protect her sister Mary. Usually, we hear the story told in a way that Mary is a lazy lump and Martha has a shrewish personality. 

Instead, we see Mary, who understands the gospel deeply, and who chooses to live the life of the kingdom of God in which there is no male or female, slave or free, Jew or Gentile. Her courageous acceptance of the gospel of Jesus leads her to abandon the social and religious conventions that allowed the men to talk with Jesus and kept the women in the kitchen, and to bear the human cost of that kingdom life. Just because she is living in the kingdom does not mean that everyone around her was doing the same, and it exposes her to the risk of being declared an “other”, someone who should be sacrificed to keep the peace and honor of the community intact. We see Martha, who also understands the gospel of Jesus and who has chosen to live in the kingdom of God, because, when she observes the potential for punishment for Mary, she risks her own self, her own life, in order to rescue her sister. In both of these women, we see faithful witnesses of a life of discipleship with our Lord Jesus.