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From The Rector: July 14

The primordial sin of humankind, which we all carry, is to use the denial of the humanity of others, especially those not like “us”, whom we expel or sacrifice to hold together our communities, churches, families, and nations. Jesus at the cross transforms that human sacrificial mechanism by his own self-sacrifice. Jesus, in offering forgiveness from the cross, transforms our pattern of denial of the “other” into compassion for the “other” people that we turn into our victim, and opens up the possibility of reconciliation between all of our human family. As disciples of Jesus, we must come to live new lives of compassion and self-sacrifice. In our experience in Jesus Christ, if it is true, the compassionate ability to offer forgiveness from God arises within us, and mercy, compassion, and forgiveness, which are more vast than our sin, can fill the world.