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SING-SING-SING: An Invitation from the Music Director

As we move into the summer, I cordially invite you to consider joining us on Wednesday evenings as we embark upon a fun, short-term, no-strings-attached adventure in the world of music.

Starting in July, we will offer a series of sessions designed to familiarize non-musicians and non-singers with the basics of reading music and sight-singing. We’ll use materials designed by Nancy Telford, a nationally recognized leader in music pedagogy, to “start from square one” in terms of recognizing, both with the eye and the ear, some of the main components of pitch, rhythm, meter, and notation.

The sessions will take place as a group—you’ll feel safe as a member of the pack, and I promise I won’t make you sing in front of others—and the musical examples we will traverse are short, easy, and fun to learn.

To learn more about our summer singing school, please feel free to contact me at stjohns.atl.musicians@gmail,com, call and leave a message at the church office, or just talk to me. I’ll be happy to fill you in!

—Tom Elston