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Bible Study

I’ve attended Wednesday night Bible Study faithfully for the past four plus years.  It’s been a joy for me and is something I wish more of our St. John’s family could work in their schedules 

It is Fr. Troy at his best.  His command of history, combined with his love for and understanding of the Bible, make for a very special time together.  When he’s at his best……we’re learning and being uplifted at the same time.  When he’s at his worst….he’s translating some simple word into Greek and Hebrew and then we all get lost!!!

But, when he’s at his very best he’s moving us forward in our spiritual journey and helping us grasp how to live in the Kingdom of God.  No small order…..and the best part is his ready admission that he’s still growing and learning also. 

It’s every Wednesday night at 6:30, after we all have Supper together.  We’re a small, dedicated group of folks…..and we’d welcome you joining us.  

---David Houser