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St. John's Gay Men's Fellowship Supports Local Fundraiser

The St. John's Gay Men's Fellowship, more commonly known as the St. Jack's Club, will be a sponsor of the 2012 East Point Possums Show.

The annual show, which has taken place since 1998, features a series of amateur drag show contestants who entertain the crowd with mimed numbers that range from rock & roll to country to just about any musical style you can imagine. The event is for a good cause....its revenues are gathered and donated to local social service charities.

The reason for the possum logo/mascot? Possums only come out at night, same as these drag queens.

For more information, check out the East Point Possum Show website or talk to Frank Harrell, who runs the Gay Men's Fellowship.


The Gay Men's Fellowship turned out in force at the show, which was held on the green in East Point. We all wore St. John's T-shirts  as we handed out free fans advertising the church (it was still sunny and hot). An ideal location was found for us all to "camp out" in the shade while being able to watch the stage from a distance. The show was funny and well performed, and the organization raised over $15,000 for the Rush Center, which provides meeting space for organizations serving Atlanta's gay community.