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Words Of Thanks

During the rush of the Holidays we often forget to thank the people who make our holidays sparkle. Those particular people who work hard everyday to make our worship special. First let us thank the Altar Guild for all the work of polishing our chalices and pressing and cleaning our linens. Not an easy task but done by them with love and grace. Those who volunteer each Sunday or worship service to carry the candles, the cross, and the incense. For their service at the altar and their help to our priest. For those who give their time and talents to decorate our church and gardens. Praise our Choir master and senior organist along with organ technician and 8 AM organist for the beautiful music they provide. Special thanks to our choir who raise our spirits at every service. Bless too our Ushers who welcome members and visitors alike. We can not forget our kitchen staff who prepare our feasts, luncheons, and special celebrations. We can not omit all the people who bring food and snacks for coffee hour each week. This month when you see these people why not take the time to say thank you. They do not expect thanks for what they do but I bet it will be appreciated.

--Philip Maniscalco