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Thanks Bargain Shop!

A special thanks is given to the women and men of St. Johns' Bargin Shop. Their generous financial gift has allowed the church Sacristan to replace several missing and damaged paramants and vestments. The new purchase includes the new olive green "Tudor Rose" chasuble which now allows us to use two ornate paramant sets based on this same silk fabric, which have been in storage for several years. The original matching chasuble disappeared several years ago. Their gift also allowed for the purchase of a blue veil and burse used to cover the chalice before mass. This completes the Advent set. A new green "Coronation" veil and burse, which had been badly eaten by moths, has also been replaced. The Sacristan was also able to order new purificators and additional linen. Thank you all for these timely gifts. Your continued dedication to the Episcopal Church of St. Johns' College Park and your outstanding ministry make us all very proud. We ask that the parish both members and friends continue to support the important The Bargain Shop ministry with gifts of time, clothing and household items.