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Bethlehem Ministry Fall Message

Father Bruno’s 
Fall Newsletter Article 

Recently, my eyes were directed to chapter 30, verses 19 and 20, of the book of Deuteronomy: “Choose life. Be completely faithful to the Lord, your God. Love Him, and do whatever he tells you.” It was not by coincidence that the Lord’s spirit led me to those verses on that particular day. It was my birthday and my Creator and Father wanted to remind me that I had still have life in me and there is still work to be done. His message was clear: Be faithful, continue the work of the Lord, give hope to those who have none. 

That morning, I reaffirmed my commitment to work with more energy, dedication, determination, enthusiasm, and faith to relieve the suffering of my brothers and sisters in this part of the world. The Lord added to my happiness this week when the news came from the Ministry of Education that all of our 9th graders had passed the national exam. But we exalted and praised the Lord when we learned that the top three students for all of Northeast Haiti came from Saint Barthélémy. I joked with the staff, saying we had won the gold, the silver, and the bronze at the Northeast Olympics. Ten years ago those 23 students were part of the group of 30 who constituted the First Montessori class of the school. What a nice present on our 10th anniversary! All of Terrier Rouge is celebrating because no school has ever obtained such results at any level of the national exam. This success is the reward of hard work, discipline and engagement of 47 exceptional teachers, eager to acquire, and impart, more knowledge every day. Twelve other employees complete the team and support them in their endeavor. The presence of our students can be felt throughout Terrier Rouge. Our marching band has performed at community activities at the invitation of leaders of Terrier Rouge; we have added “community service” to our curriculum for all 7th, 8th and 9th graders; even the Ministry of Education has recognized the work of the School by choosing our building to organize the national exam of the 6th, 11th and 12th graders. It's no wonder that the children carry the school flag so high each morning. Dear friends, you too can be proud of what is happening at Saint Barthélémy's because you are the vehicle the Lord is using to provide the means for the work. You are part of the success. You have invested in the children by giving them the opportunity to attend school. Please receive our heartfelt thanks. We are now in the process of preparing for the new school year, which will begin in early September. We have already registered 80 new children, bringing our enrollment to 783. A month ago, we poured the roof on the first floor of the high school building. By October it will be operational. This building is a necessity because our student population is growing at a rapid rate. As such, we need your continued assistance. With the addition of the 10th grade, we need additional student desks and school supplies, as well as more scholarships for the newly enrolled students. We thank those who have renewed their scholarships and we encourage others to support a child, giving him or her a chance to have a better future. A scholarship for a child covers a uniform, books, a daily meal, fees, and health care. With $225.00 you can sponsor an elementary age child and with $275.00 a student in middle or high school. Desks cost $55.00 each. May the Lord continue to pour more blessings in your life as you give generously for a good cause. 

More information on Bethlehem Ministry can be found on the St. John’s website, including a link to their Fall newsletter and Shoe Box Ministry campaign.