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Vestry Report

IN ATTENDANCE: Father Troy Beecham, Reuben Bostic, Roosevelt Dunn, Carl Franzman, Frank Harrell, David Houser, Ed Pierce, Pat Roberts. Father Troy opened the meeting with Prayer at 1:15 p.m.

FINANCIAL REPORT: A rough draft of the monthly financial report was reviewed. There is a current cash flow crunch due to the fact that TMSA has been late on its last two payments. They are supposed to be caught up by August 6. A CD has been cashed out in the meantime to cover expenses and once the rent has been paid the money will be replenished into a new savings account at Suntrust.

The Budget was reviewed. Pledges remain slightly ahead of budget projections. Plate offering remain significantly behind. We believe more people are contributing cash to the offering that can be accounted for so this may account for some of the discrepancy.

A mini audit is going to be conducted including an audit of the way we are handling payments. We will also audit how much we have billed TMSA for expenses to make sure it is equal to actual expenses. Daniel Dice will assist in this and he will be paid $200.00

NEW BUSINESS: The listing agreement for the education building has been signed with Cheryl Gosa with Keller Williams. She will be visiting next week to take pictures. Possible rental rates for the building were discussed with Cheryl.

The new website was discussed and comments were solicited. Comments included the fact that Vestry pictures were not up. The Stewardship page was not populated. When news items are posted we need to remind the webmaster when an item should be taken down. Tom Elston is doing a great job as the webmaster. We need to put a reminder for people to check out the website during announcements at church and in the bulletin.

FALL DATES: [dates were listed; they have since been revised, so to avoid confusion, they have been removed from this report.]

MARKETING: Discussion about advertising fall events; sending mailers to all people within a certain radius of St. John’s.

RECTOR’S REPORT: Childrens Program - the Springs will no longer be running the children’s program. New Vestry Members - looking for three qualified candidates. A request has been made of the diocese for a Seminarian Music Scholars: Tom Elston has re-connected with the music department and it looks like multiple people will audition. Grant Writers: Cathy Kimbrell, a former professional grant writer has offered to assist. Discussion about ideas for a grant.

BUILDINGS & GROUNDS: AC will be functional again by the time school starts. The next Buildings and Grounds meeting was discussed. It is scheduled for 8/12/12. The plan there is to develop a priority list of projects.

MINUTES: A motion was made to approve the May and June Minutes. Motioned seconded and passed.

ADJOURN: A motion was made to adjourn. Motion seconded and passed. The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.