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Rutter Requiem This Nov

Building upon the past two years in presenting a requiem mass at the Feasts of All Saints & All Souls, we have been able to expand our collaborative endeavors to officially include multiple partners.

In addition to the musicians of Christ Our Hope Lutheran, Riverdale, a newly formed graduate-student chamber choir from Georiga State (The Master Singers) have also officially signed on. The resulting ensemble of 35 to 40 singers will present John Rutter’s Requiem, which will be accompanied by a chamber ensemble of woodwinds, harp, percussion, organ, and cello.

Informal invitations have also been made to musicians in local churches and with another parish in our diocese. We look forward to the possible participation of their individually contributing singers and hope that our “tapestry” of interwoven volunteers will not only enjoy the process of learning a great work but also of becoming acquainted with each other to form connections for future projects.

THERE IS STILL TIME…if you or someone you know would like to sing with us, please feel free to contact Tom Elston.