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Instrumentalists, We Need You!

Taize has returned to St. John’s!

In August, a gathering of 40 people sat in the choir stalls to hear a home-grown group of instrumentalists accompany the traditional “musical prayers” sung during the service. The instrumentalists played a series of interchangeable descants composed by Tom Elston for the chants.

Our coterie of players includes handbells, two violins, a viola, a flute, a recorder, a clarinet, a guitar, and piano. Some players are taking the opportunity of “going Taize” to dust off their instruments and giving it a shot. You are encouraged to join in…no audition is required and there’s no pressure to perform once you’ve come out of hiding. Our next services are September 12th and October 10th.

By the way, video clips of the August service are on the Events page of the website if you’ve ever wondered “what they do” in a Taize service. For more information, talk to Tom Elston.