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Your Vestry

The Diocesan guidelines for Vestry operations are very detailed and are intended to help parishes elect and organize their Vestries:

“The canons of the church give exclusive authority over the fiscal affairs of the parish to the Vestry. But Vestry members are also spiritual leaders who are committed to building up the Body of Christ so it can be an effective instrument of mission and ministry in the world”

“All Vestry members must be confirmed members of the Episcopal Church enrolled as a member of the parish and be 18 years or older. They must have been regular in attendance and made and maintained a financial commitment to the parish, known to the Treasurer, in the year preceding election.”

“Vestry members are elected by the parish for a three year term and a Vestry member is not eligible for re-election in the year following the expiration of his or her term.”

Our Vestry meets monthly, and the Rector presides at all meetings. Each meeting begins with a Bible study and prayer session during which we take time to reflect and listen to God before taking up the business of the day

“To be alive is to be in some degree of conflict.” Our Vestry has operated in times of conflict and at times of relative calm. Through all times we try very hard to discern the will of God and remain focused on the mission and ministry or our church.

Vestry meetings are open and anyone is welcome to join us. We meet on the third Tuesday of each month, at 6:15 in the Parlor.

--David Houser
Senior Warden