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Vestry Summer Retreat News

The Vestry held a mid-year Retreat at Fr Troy’s house Saturday on August 4th, replete with wonderful food provided by Linda Cage (thanks Linda!).

During our Winter Retreat, we established three goals to accomplish this year: 
  • Launch our new web site. 
  • Structure and launch an expanded Wednesday Night Alive. 
  • Strengthen our Visitor and Newcomer’s efforts. 
We were pleased that all three goals have been accomplished, or work is ongoing.

We established four new goals for the remainder of this year: 
  • Absolute Welcome .
  • Define and expand the food program.
  • Discover why people leave our parish, and follow up with them to make sure they know they' re welcome to return. 
  • Expand and enhance our efforts to assist the Bargain Shop with its programs. 
Our highest-priority goal is Absolute Welcome, and you’ll hear a lot about that soon, but for now, just let those two words roll around in your mind. Absolute Welcome does not simply mean doing a good job of welcoming people who come to church on Sunday, but includes outreach to, and welcoming everyone in our community. It’s the challenge to “cross the Sea of Galilee” and become the best possible Disciples we can.

All four goals are challenging and represent real needs in our Church. We look forward to discussing these goals with you further.

David Houser
Senior Warden