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Meet Richard

Richard Estimable has been a part of the Bethlehem Ministry family since his mother began working for Pere Bruno when he was a child. Growing up in Terrier Rouge, Richard considered becoming an Episcopal priest, just like Father Bruno, but ultimately he chose a different path, attending Bruno's vocational school, Saint Esprit, in Cap Haitian. Richard kept close ties to his community back home in Terrier Rouge, however, and when he was invited to join the staff of St. Barthèlèmy School as Administrator in 2002, he jumped at the chance. In 2009, Berry Rice, impressed with Richard's management skills, asked Richard if he would help run her fledgling clinic, Clinique Espèrance et Vie. Richard agreed and since that time he and Berry have made quite a team, managing a staff of 16 and overseeing the growth of the Clinic. He is her eyes and ears on the ground in Haiti, an indispensable part of the Clinic fabric and its success.

Richard is one of 90 Haitians employed by Bethlehem Ministry's many initiatives. Like Richard, they are all a part of our family. We are a community striving for sustainability in a country where the unemployment rate is estimated at 40%. This might seem insurmountable if we were in this alone. But we know that we are not. Your support has always been crucial to our success. Now more than ever, we need you here with us. We are creating new jobs, forming new partnerships, and shaping a future for northeast Haiti that is filled with promise. Please take a moment to make a donation, in any amount, to this cause of sustainability for Haiti. Many thanks.

--Gwen Fields