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Building & Grounds Report

The life and times of St. John’s Building & Grounds continues to move along. Several things happened in July:
  • Michael Henderson, working on his own, completed a major drainage project on the right side of the school building. This is the area between the school and the “Yellow” house. Many of you may recall this area has always presented a drainage problem, with the runoff overpowering the area and flooding the school basement. A stopgap fix of long metal extensions to the down spouts carrying the water into the back yard of the “Yellow” house worked for awhile but completely blocked egress through the area. Michael dug a trench all the way from the back of the school to Hardin Street and installed buried drain lines, thereby correcting the drainage problem permanently. With the removal of the old extensions this area is now clear and useable. This might provide a way for the students to go and come from the play area without going through the ground floor lobby. Three cheers for Mike! Thank You! It was really hard work. 
  • Remember the water fountain in the hallway just outside the Parlor? It has worn a sign reporting it to be out of order for years. What was wrong with it? Well the water and electricity were turned off…there was nothing wrong with it! It’s fixed! 
  • Please welcome a new member of our cleaning staff! If you see a man you don’t know pushing a mop or cleaning a bath room, his name is James! James Maxwell to be exact, and he joined the staff the first of June. You may previously have met James as a volunteer server at several church dinners. We are pleased to have him with us. 
  • The HVAC system in the school building is back in operation and hopefully all of the problems including the squirrels and friends are fixed! Just in time for school. 

--Frank Harrell