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2012: 07 (Jul)

Daniel Dice Now An Ordained Priest: 
Daniel Dice, our former deacon and now the Curate of the Episcopal Church of Our Savior (Virginia-Highlands) along with Andrew Cannan, Bradley Jones and Tracy Wells Miller, was ordained to the priesthood. The service was held Sunday, June 24, at the Cathedral of St. Philip. Bishop Alexander and Bishop Whitmore presided.  He will celebrate his first mass at Our Saviour on Sunday, July 1, 2012.

Main Street Academy Renews Lease:
 The Main Street Academy, a public school chartered by Fulton County that has occupied the educational building at St. John's for the past two years, has agreed to renew its lease  for a third year. The lease, which had given the school the option to vacate after a two-year term, continues a discounted rent provision that was originally agreed to in conjunction with the renovations and infrastructure upgrades made by and paid by the school and the county at the start of the tenancy. Should the school remain the parish's tenant after the third year, rents will be renegotiated.

Vestry Announces Priorities for 2012:
 At its retreat earlier in the year, the Vestry discerned three items from its list of objectives on which it would focus early in 2012: 1) a new website would be built and implemented; 2) the Wednesday evening programming would be strongly supported and expanded; and 3) renewed efforts to reach out to newcomers would be made. For further information on how these objectives are being carried out, contact David Houser, Senior Warden, Ed Pierce, Junior Warden, or Pat Roberts, Newcomers Commission Chair.