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Pastoral Care & Prayer

Pastoral Care & Prayer programming at St. John's includes:
  • Clergy visitation
  • Lay Eucharistic Minister visitation
  • Prayer Groups
  • Individual Counselling
Pastoral care is one of the primary ministries of all the baptized. Each member of the body of Jesus Christ is called in their Baptismal Covenant to express the love and care of God, one to another. 

Especially in times of crisis or transition, we all will experience the need for more direct care from members of the church family. Under the guidance of the Rector, the care of members of the congregation who are in hospital, in a time of grief or transition, or have become homebound due to age or infirmity can take many forms: a visit to the home or hospital by a member of the congregation pastoral care team or the priest, or provision of the Holy Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist by a lay Eucharistic Minister or the priest.

Prayer is also an essential part of pastoral care. Any person may ask that prayers be offered for themselves or for others in need. Those who ask for prayer are remembered at each service of Morning and Evening Prayer, and at each celebration of the Holy Eucharist all through the week.

Individual counseling with the priest in his office is also available. If you would like to speak with the priest, please call the parish office or write to rector@stjohnscollegepark.com to schedule an appointment.
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