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Commission A Called Ring To Honor And Remember

For centuries, composers have taken names from their patrons to create melodies written to honor of a person. The same is true for bell-ringing. Many famous "called rings" honor the names of individuals.

At St. John's, we have begun a program whereby a person's name is used to create a called ring that will be rung at an upcoming service at our parish. 

Here's how it works:
  1. The Music Department is contacted.
  2. A consultation is held.
  3. The person's name is submitted.
  4. The called ring is commissioned.
  5. A called ring is composed based on the person's name.
  6. The parish ringers ring the called ring at an agreed-upon service.
  7. The patron or honored name receives a certificate showing how the called ring was constructed.
For more information, contact the Music Department at stjohns.atl.musicians@gmail.com.

Examples of Called Rings: