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The Bethlehem Ministry of Haiti

Bethlehem Ministry is a non-profit organization created for the sole purpose of aiding Haiti’s poor. 

Begun more than 25 years ago in partnership with Haitian educator and visionary Rev. Jean M. Bruno, Bethlehem Ministry has helped to establish a series of elementary schools in some of Haiti's less recognized and lesser served regions. in 2001, out of a desire to mount a more comprehensive attack on Haiti’s poverty struggles, Bethlehem Ministry became a 501(c)(3) organization.

Bethlehem Ministry concentrates in the underdeveloped northeastern region of Haiti, specifically Terrier Rouge. Since “adopting” Terrier Rouge as its home, Bethlehem Ministry has worked to establish:
  • Ecole St.  Barthélémy, a Montessori based pre-K through 8th grade school.
  • Jatrofa Pepinyè, an income-generating, sustainable agricultural project.
  • Clinique Espérance et Vie, a medical clinic that seeks to meet the health and wellness needs of the local population. 
Bethlehem Ministry's Board of Directors consists of 16 dedicated people who have all traveled to Haiti to observe the projects the organization supports. By regularly traveling to Haiti, the organization can maintain close ties and remain intimately involved in its supported ministries. In this way, Bethlehem Ministry is able to verify that donations are properly applied.  Bethlehem Ministry approaches the people of Haiti in love, looking for ways to work with them to create opportunities for advancement toward a healthy, happy life. 

Father Bruno enthusiastically welcomes visitors and encourages anyone who is interested to plan a visit as the first and most important step to becoming involved.

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A Note From the School....

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I am so glad I take pictures. 


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