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Worship Ministries

Our worship ministries volunteers are fun, dedicated bunch of folks who enjoy participating in our services. To find out what they do, read the following descriptions....


Acolytes assist the clergy in a variety of tasks that include carrying the processional cross, carrying the gospel book, carrying torches, managing the "equipment" used to administer the bread and wine during communion, and many other functions.

Our team of acolytes:
  • John Brady (crucifer)
  • Nee Odoi (gospel book, chalice)
  • Michael Proscia (lead)
  • David Wagner
  • Richard Pfleger


Chalice-Bearers (also called Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) or Chaliceers) assist the priest during communion by administering the common cup shared by people as they come forward for the bread and wine.

Our team of chalice-bearers:
    • Kytee Doyle
    • Jane Graham
    • Nee Odoi
    • Richard Pfleger (lead)
    • Michael Proscia
    • Eileen Slough
    • Michael Spring
    • Janet Standen
    • David Wagner

Readers & Intercessors:

Readers and Intercessors read the scriptures aloud in services and lead the people in prayer.

Our team of readers and intercessors:
    • Tracy Anderson
    • Tisa Anderson
    • John Brady
    • Kytee Doyle
    • Donna Dunn
    • Jane W Foster (prayers only)
    • Jane Graham
    • Rob Gregory (lead)
    • Nee Odoi
    • Archie Polk
    • Richard Pfleger
    • Michael Proscia
    • Susan Schubert (8:00 a.m.)
    • Mike Spring
    • David Wagner
    • Carolyn Wesley (8:00 a.m.)


Ushers manage "the house" by greeting people who enter church for our services. They welcome visitors, distribute worship bulletins, guide people to their seats, take up and present the parish's offering, and perform other logistical tasks.

Our team of ushers:
    • Daniel Alston
    • Reuben Bostic (lead)
    • Paul Brady
    • Al Eggleston
    • George Ilodi
    • Ed Pierce
    • Regina Green (in training)
    • Sherran Davis (in training)


Coordinators serve as the worship team "lead" at the services to which they are assigned. Others on the team depend upon the coordinator to anticipate logistics and assign tasks in the event of absences by team members.

Our team of coordinators:
  • Tracy Anderson (pending)
  • Bruce Braxton (on hold due to work-schedule commitments)
  • Kytee Doyle (pending)
  • Michael Proscia (active)
  • David Wagner (lead; active)
  • Carolyn Wesley (pending)
  • Richard Pfleger (active)

Altar Guild:

Members of the altar guild prepare the worship space for our weekly services. They make sure that the bread, wine, and altar equipment is "ready to go" when the parish celebrates holy communion. Altar guild members are also responsible for maintaining the "look and feel" of the worship space by making sure objects conform to the correct color of the current season of the church year.

Our altar guild team:
  • Tracy Anderson (co-chair)
  • David Gibbs (co-chair)
  • Joy Lopez (Sunday clean-up only)
  • Eileen Slough (in training)
  • Rowena Green (SME)
  • Philip Maniscalco (SME)
  • Frank Harrell (worship-space color design and deployment)

Eucharistic Visitors:

Eucharistic Visitors are "licensed" lay volunteers who take communion out to those who are unable to attend church.

Our team of eucharistic visitors:
    • Linda Cage
    • Kytee Doyle
    • Janet Standen