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The Sacristan is an appointed office held by a lay parishioner who works with clergy and other leaders to plan, implement, and deploy the resources and personnel needed to create inspiring worship.

Work groups under the Sacristan's care include:
  • Altar Guild
  • Flower Guild
  • Readers / Intercessors
  • Acolytes
  • Ushers
  • Greeters
Other work groups with whom the Sacristan collaborates include:
  • Clergy
  • Music Department
  • Vergers
  • Church Office (bulletins, prayer lists, etc.)
Recently, our parish has begun to explore a "virtual sacristan" management model for our worship ministries in which decision-making and supervision of volunteers is a shared responsibility among a group of Coordinators who also double in other roles.

Worship Ministries Volunteers Com Group

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