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Mission, Vision & Values


To promote health and wellness within the Christian faith community of St. John's parish and the surrounding community using the disciplines of worship, service, and education.


The provision of a quality parish nurse ministry to all who attend St. John's parish and members of the local community.

  • God lives within the faith community.
  • Faith is the belief that God, as revealed in Jesus Christ, cares passionately about our total being: mind, budy, and spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit empowers the individual to move toward health and wholeness and community members to care for one another.
  • Our prayers indicate that the presence and power of God is the abiding force toward helath an wholeness that the Scriptures predict.
  • Health, or wholeness, is the dynamic process working toward integration of the body, mind, and spirit, and toward harmony with oneself, with family and others, and with God. through Jesus Christ the healer we find the meaning and purpose of life.