Inquirers' Class

“How do I join the Episcopal Church?” 
 “How can I become a member of St. John’s?” 

These and similar questions frequently come from persons who have visited St. John’s, or have moved into town, or are considering a church move, or are just curious about the Episcopal Church. 

Membership begins with Baptism. All baptized persons are by definition members of the Body of Christ, the Church. At the basic level, being a member of St. John’s Church comes by baptism. To become a member of this particular community of faithful people, one has only to signal their desire to the priest to become a member, and to become regular in worship, ministry, and support of the life of the congregation. An infant or an adult baptized at St. John’s becomes a member here as well as a member of the full Body of Christ. Persons from other traditions who have already been baptized may become a member of St. John’s by having their membership transferred from their church of baptism to St. John’s. If you have an infant or child who has not been baptized, or if you are an adult who has not been baptized, and you would like to be baptized, please let the clergy and church office 404-761-8402 know.

If Baptism is full membership into the Body of Christ, what is the rationale for Confirmation? A very good question. Confirmation provides one full membership into the Episcopal Church. It is also required if one wishes to vote in a parish election, serve on a Vestry, or represent the parish at Diocesan Council. A series of classes precede the Service of Confirmation. Here at St. John’s, these classes are called Inquirers’ Classes. In these classes, led by the clergy, persons are encouraged to inquire about their faith and the faith of the Church. There will be areas of information regarding scripture, history, worship, and service/ministry, but the most important aspect of any Inquirers’ Class is the inquiries of the persons present.

Classes are held regularly throughout the year. We typically meet on Monday evenings, but other arrangements can be made for the serious inquirer. These classes are open to any inquirer. These classes are also good for those who have been in the church for a while and would like to inquire afresh about their own faith and their church. If you would like to participate in these classes or have any questions regarding the classes, call the clergy and office, 404-761-8402.

What will I learn?

The Inquirer’s Class provides people who are interested in learning about how the Episcopal Church approaches worship, faith, spirituality, and theology the opportunity to pursue that interest with people who have similar questions under the guidance of one of the priests of the parish.

Focus of the Program

The Inquirers' Classes are intended to help people, those from the Anglican/Episcopal Church and those from other traditions alike, to share their journeys of faith and learn more about the distinctive traditions of the Episcopal/Anglican Communion.

Inquirers' Class participants will have the opportunity to learn about and to discuss:
  • History and structure of Anglican Christianity and the Episcopal Church 
  • Faith: Personal and Common 
  • Liturgy and Eucharist 
  • The Book of Common Prayer 
  • The Bible in the Episcopal Church 
  • Music 
  • Mission and Ministry 
Becoming a part of a church community means more than belonging to a particular set of persons meeting in a particular building on Sunday. While we strive to be a worthy representation of the body of Christ in our community, we are aware also of being a part of a lineage, a history and tradition that reaches into antiquity, which speaks to us today, and points us toward the future.

Members and seekers can become more aware of our place in the broader Church, grasping the theological meanings behind our practices and wrestling with the great mysteries of our faith, through Inquirer’s classes.

We hope that we will see you in the next Inquirers Class!