Knowledge-Seekers Book Club

The Knowledge-Seekers Book Club offers the opportunity for its members to read for religious education, information, spiritual enlightenment, and enjoyment. 

The club reads and discusses good fiction and non-fiction books that allow members to share thoughts and concepts in a spiritually comfortable environment. 

We engage in open and stimulating discussions about the author and his/her work, explore the places of our faith, and sometimes laugh at our self-findings. We strengthen ourselves intellectually, spiritually, and satisfy our search for understanding. We renew our unity in relationship with fellow members and communicants, and with the world around us.

Knowledge-Seekers members also attend lectures and view movies from book adaptations when the opportunity is presented. We meet on Wednesdays just prior to the parish's weekly community meal (click here to check the calendar).

The books we read are determined bi-annually and purchased by members from or borrowed from the local library. The current book being read is published in the Sunday Attractions page of our weekly church-service bulletin.

If you would like to learn more about Knowledge-Seekers, send an email inquiry to or just drop in sometime...all are welcome!

Please join us!