Our Parish

Our Health Ministry promotes wellness in body, mind & spirit. (contact)

Education & Spiritual Formation programs meet the spiritual needs of the young and old and the churched and un-churched in our midst. (contact)

programs enable our people to participate in social interactions that nurture relationships. (contact)

Leaders at all levels help us to accomplish goals and provide pathways for growth in all forms. (contact)

provides the means to accomplish our most important acts as Christians: the worship of God. (contact)

Mission & Outreach programs keep us mindful of the needs of others through our help and support of relief programs focused near and far. (contact)

Music & Arts not only offer unique pathways to encountering our relationship with God, but also create opportunities for engaging the community. (contact)

Our Campus is the central location for our community to gather to worship, study, and be together. (contact)

Pastoral Care & Prayer provide comfort and support for those of all ages with spiritual and material needs. (contact)

Stewardship enables us to maintain an awareness of our fortunate circumstances by committing to the care of the world and people around us. (contact)