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Facebook & Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are two large social media websites used by millions of people around the world.


St. John's "presence" on Facebook is in transition. Our new page should launch in mid-to-late February, 2014. When operational, the page will display a variety of messages are broadcast on a range of topics, and multiple people can post and respond to St. John's messages.

To access information about St. John's on Facebook, you must first sign up for a Facebook account.


Similar to the status line used by Facebook users, Twitter enables its users to let friends and others know what they are up to from moment to moment. Examples of Twitter messages include "I'm currently at the Brake Pad" or "I'm driving home on I-85."

Like Facebook, you must sign up for a Twitter account before you can receive "tweets" from friends and other Twitter users.

To access information about St. John's once you obtain accounts for Facebook and Twitter, contact the church office.