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Here you will find answers to many questions newcomers and guests have about St. John's and worship at Episcopal Churches, in general.

What should I expect on my first visit?
A smiling face to greet you at the door.  Please know that we understand that people want to feel welcomed but not pressured on their first visit to a new church. We have greeters at each door who will help you find your way around. you will also be asked to fill out a name tag.  No worries...we ask everyone, even the oldest members, to wear a name tag on Sunday mornings so we can know one another better.  Given that sharing a meal with someone provides a perfect atmosphere for learning about others, we invite you to come to our parish hall (Bott Hall) after our main service on Sunday morning to have a cup of coffee and something to eat. 

What are your typical worship times?
In general, Episcopal churches organize worship and program schedules to correspond the academic/school year. Therefore, from August to May, Sunday services are typically held at 8 AM and 10:30 AM.

What can I expect during an Episcopal worship service?
Episcopal churches in the US use the Book of Common Prayer to guide their worship.  As such, we have traditional worship with hymns, scripture, and a short homily.  St. John's makes following worship easy by providing a service bulletin on Sundays that details the entire service.  You can download the most current bulletin on our This Sunday at St. John's page. 

Who can take communion in your church?
The principle weekly worship service in the Episcopal Church is called the Holy Eucharist.  All baptized Christians, no matter age or denomination, are invited to participate.  Visitors who are not baptized are invited to come forward during Communion and receive a blessing from the clergy. 

How can the church get to know me better?
At some point, you will be invited to complete a "Visitor Card." This card does not automatically sign you up for anything. It simply asks for your name, address and information about your family. It's purpose is to alert us to your interest in St. John's, whatever shape that may take, and helps us make sure you get the information you need.

How can I find out what's going on next Sunday?
You will find a detailed schedule of the upcoming Sunday's activities, including Sunday School and afternoon and evening events by viewing the This Sunday At St. John's page on this website. You can download a bulletin with announcements, which is updated every Friday.

Who are the clergy at St. John's?
The Very  Reverend Doctor Spenser D. Simrill is our Priest In Charge. The Reverend Doctor Donna S. Mote is our Priest Associate. (more)

How can I learn about opportunities to get involved?
St. John's is a vibrant community with a wide variety of ways for you to share your time and talent.  The Our Parish section of the website has information on a some of our most active groups.