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Here you will find answers to common questions about becoming a member of St. John's and the Episcopal Church.

Who can be a member of St. John's Episcopal Church?
Membership at St. John's is open to all baptized Christians. Whether you were baptized in the Episcopal Church or in another Christian denomination, you are welcome to become a member here at St. John's. A member in good standing is anyone who has been baptized and participates regularly in St.  John's corporate worship; commits herself or himself to serve Christ at St.  John's through the investment of time, talents, and an annual pledge of financial support.

What if I’m not yet baptized?
First, you are certainly still very welcome at St.  John's! Second, we encourage you to explore and learn more about Holy Baptism by speaking to the clergy.

Is membership required to attend services?
No. Everyone is welcome at services! Membership is required if you want to serve on certain committees, e.g., the Vestry, or is considered a factor if you want to be married here or have a child baptized here. We hope that all who consider St. John's their spiritual home will make a formal commitment and become a member.

What is confirmation and reception?
Confirmation is a mature and public affirmation of faith and commitment to the responsibilities of Baptism. Reception is common for people who have been active throughout their lives in other denominations, having already made a public profession of their faith. At Confirmation and Reception, an individual receives the laying on of hands by the bishop, thereby affirming their own faith and visibly connecting to the broader Body of Christ.

Am I a "full member" of The Episcopal Church without being confirmed?  
Yes. The Book of Common Prayer defines Baptism as "full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ's Body the Church. The bond which God establishes in Baptism is indissoluble." Confirmation is a pastoral rite not in an initiatory rite. Through Holy Baptism, we join Christ's Body, either as infants or adults.

Is confirmation ever required to participate in certain aspects of the Episcopal Church?
Yes. God may call some individuals, through the Church, into positions of guidance and leadership. For example, The Canons of our Diocese in The Episcopal Church state that Confirmation is required for certain leadership positions, such as Vestry members, and for some service positions such as Eucharistic Visitors, but this in no way precludes an unconfirmed individual from being considered a full member of the Body of Christ.

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